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Frequent Asked Questions

How do I Register? Click here to Register online for techCAMP™ Technology/Business Academy. You may call (800) 687-1541 for information about techCAMP™ courses, registrations and events or contact us here.
How do I submit or post Fees? Click here to submit or post your Fees. If challenges persist in submitting fees, call (800) 687-1541 for assistance or contact us here.
What courses are available? Click here to view list of courses online. Courses are available weekly for ages 13 and above.
Who are techCAMP™ Instructors? All techCAMP™ industry professional Instructors possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree that is technology relevant in all available curriculum. techCAMP™ have over 30+ years of professional experience in Technology and Business. Many of techCAMP™ Instructors are currently industry leaders in management and entrepreneurs.
Are Campers and Students College Ready? techCAMP™ provide each Camper (or Student) with relevant technology and business skills, experiences and toolsets used by Unversities and Colleges.
Are Guest Speakers Industry Savvy? techCAMP™ only invites industry leaders to share their experiences and to build rapport with Campers (or Students).
What Technology Programs Are Availability? techCAMP™ provide mini Technology Camps each week for ages 13 years of age and above. Ask for more information about the technology and business academy.
How to Search? You may use the first of many or any characters to search for results, such as entering 'all' for all available collection of items. Also, relevant search results such as 'chil' or 'dona' will return results of child and children or donate and donations.
How do I sign up? Under the register tab you have to create an account.
How do I know if a course is open for enrollment? When you highlight a link if it turns red its unavailable and if its turns blue its available.
What programs do you offer and how do they differ? Click here to see what programs we offer and how they differ.
How long do programs run? The program is 6 weeks, but it also runs weekly.
Are meals provided at techCAMP™? No, unfortunately meals are not provided, but the children will be given snacks daily.
Is techCAMP™ Tech Mini a good fit for my child? Yes, the kids will be learning new business and technology adventures to further their career down the line in the future.
Where are your camps located? The camps are located in Gurnee, Illinois.
Do you offer fall camps, winter camps, or spring camps? Yes, we offer camps for all seasons.
how long have you been running technology camps? I have been running technology camps since 2010.
What is the techCAMP™ difference? In tech camp, you will be learning how to communicate in groups effectively and increase your communication skills as well as learning how to utilize critical thinking.
Do you offer Certificates or Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? Yes, we do.
Are your programs held on the 4th of July? No, in fact the program is not held on any holidays except spring break.
What is your tax #? 20-2683815
Do you have a waitlist? A waitlist do exist. In the meantime, without a gurantee, go ahead and register for alternate courses, dates and times. No additional fees will be assessed.
Who should I contact with questions? You can contact our staff by emailing customer.care@techcamp.org or Click here to view contact info.
What is a typical day like at techCAMP™? The typical day at techCAMP™ is full of learning and fun activities!
How can I register? Click here to register.
Is there a prerequisite to attend the techCAMP™ Application Design Academy? Rigorous at best, all curriculum presents a challenge for building today's and tomorrow's Technology and Business Leaders. Call our office to receive suggestions and recommendations for improving your chance of success in each elected course including fundamental concepts in all course category.
What are the age requirements? The age requirements are 10-14, 15-18, 19-beyond or customizable.
Where is the program held? The program is held in Gurnee, Illinois.
How long is the program? The standard CAMP program session are held for 6 weeks. Weekly program sessions and courses are based on available technology and business strategic training courses.
Where can I find program cost? Click here to view cost and fees.
Student, Participant or CAMPER program capacity? Program capacity is based on a first-come and served basis.
What types of course materials will I receive? You will receive a packet for each course or a portfolio actually tailored to your chosing or course topic.
What types of software or hardware is brought to CAMP by the CAMPER or Student? No. All software and hardware is provided.